4 bedrooms| 3 baths| 1,800 sq. ft.


Inspiration in Norfolk with the new kid on the block.

Green Living: A Great Idea PROJECT BACKGROUND: Following on the heels of the H1 home’s success, the team set out to build the third LEED certified home directly next door to the H1 house in the Park Place neighborhood of Norfolk. From its inception and throughout the planning process, the team engaged local residents, encouraging them to contribute ideas and help define the project vision. The eventual approach involved designing the street façade to blend with the prevailing style on the rest of the block while still bein ...

H1 House

3 bedrooms| 3 baths| 1,600 sq. ft.


An environmentally and economically conscious home.

Green With A Modern Twist: H1 House Inspires Modern Living PROJECT BACKGROUND The H1 house aims to inspire citizens with ideas that can only be spurred by "touring" an innovative house inside and out. It's no surprise, then, that the home was built with LEED certification in mind. The H1 house is a 1680 square-feet home in the Park Place neighborhood of Norfolk built to be modern and eco-friendly while still blending in with traditional homes in the nearby community. SEEING IS BELIEVING Featured on WVEC Channel 13, the ...

1434 Lead St.

4 Bedrooms| 3 Bath| 1,760 sq. ft.


Hampton Roads' first LEED certified home.

A Green Future for Norfolk: Making Green Homes Affordable PROJECT BACKGROUND In 2009, Green Build It was asked to construct a home on a previously developed infill lot. The prior residence was destroyed by fire and subsequently razed. With a modest construction budget (only $125K in construction costs), the team set an ambitious goal of building the first LEED certified residence in Hampton Roads. The project was an opportunity to demonstrate that affordability and sustainability can work hand in hand. THINKING GREEN FROM ...