Inspiration in Norfolk with the new kid on the block.

Green Living: A Great Idea

Following on the heels of the H1 home’s success, the team set out to build the third LEED certified home directly next door to the H1 house in the Park Place neighborhood of Norfolk. From its inception and throughout the planning process, the team engaged local residents, encouraging them to contribute ideas and help define the project vision. The eventual approach involved designing the street façade to blend with the prevailing style on the rest of the block while still being unique. The design demonstrates that fitting in doesn’t have to mean choosing cookie-cutter design.

The NKTOB house was built using an integrated approach, which was crucial to ensuring all the building and design professionals were on the same page with the home’s green features. And those green features are numerous with several features aimed at reducing the amount of energy used. A combination of spray foam insulation, meticulously installed fiberglass batts and low-e argon windows keep heat loss to a minimum. With these measures, the home is expected to be 35% more energy efficient compared to a home of similar size and features. Additionally, the home features a solar water heating system. Solar collectors are mounted on the roof, the system is then backed up by a traditional high efficiency water heater. This system also acts as the home’s secondary space-heating source through radiant in floor heat. The home is equipped with ENERGY STAR rated appliances and bath fans along with low flow faucets and dual flush toilets to conserve water usage.

The NKTOB house will be the site of Not Your Usual House Tour 2011. The tour is an opportunity for citizens to view up close and personal, the features and benefits of green home building and design.